Owner Utility Transfer

When to Turn-on Utilities

Please transfer utilities into your name effective the day the resident is scheduled to vacate the property.  This will ensure no disruption in service and will allow inspections, repairs, cleaning, and showings to commence. You may do this in advance or closer to the vacate date, but we recommend allowing at least a few days.  

Which Utilities are Necessary?

Electricity and water service are both important to turn-on.

Gas is typically not necessary or recommended.

Landlord Programs

Some utility companies offer convenient transfer programs that allow services to automatically revert to the landlord’s name in-between tenants. This saves time and ensures there is no disruption in service. We recommend asking the utility provider if this option is available.

Why are Utilities Needed During Vacancy?


Electricity and water should be on to perform a proper move-out inspection and evaluate the home's condition (view rooms and closets, test lights, operate garbage disposal, etc). If utilities are off, then items may go unnoted which could impact resident move-out charges or cause maintenance work to be missed.

Repairs, Maintenance, and Cleaning

Services that may be needed in the home, such as cleaning or repairs, will require access to electricity and may require water as well. If these services are not available, then it can cause delays in preparing the home for rent. Additionally, many homes have landscape watering systems that require both electricity and water to operate.


Prospective tenants want to visualize living in the home, so turning on lights and having a comfortable temperature are important (we set thermostats at 85 degrees in the summer). It also allows for evening showings when many people are viewing properties after work.

We’re Here to Help

Our team is available and happy to help if you have any questions at all.